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BlitzGifts is an idea founded on the principle that gift giving can help forge relationships, create new ones, and positively impact those in your network who are afforded the opportunity to either receive or give a gift.

For years, the team at BlitzMetrics has leveraged the idea of gift giving to strengthen professional relationships. Using the power of influence we have found that even the smallest gesture can help form an impeccable bond between two parties. But to us, it goes far beyond just influencing others. Our team strives to consistently spread happiness in as many ways as possible throughout our network.

Our hope is that we can be a positive influence on others, and show people that even something so small can be the difference between a good relationship and a GREAT relationship. It only takes one gift. 

We have partnered with Brennan Arganoff the 16 year old CEO of HoopSwag to be able to provide Client Love to all of your clients.

Here's his story! 


What gift will you give? 

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